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Experience the revolution in autonomy

Visit our corporate headquarters to consult with Autonodyne engineers about ways we can help your business or organization with autonomy goods and services. Located in the heart of Boston’s Seaport District, our headquarters is a 10-minute walk from downtown Boston or the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Nearby public transportation options also connect us to some of the best research universities in the nation and world as well as the Kendall Square tech hub.

4 ways autonodyne can help you

You have multiple options to enhance your services or capabilities with autonomy hardware and software. Explore the possibilities Autonodyne offers:

Custom development

Autonodyne has a staff of over 25 System and Software Engineers. We routinely conduct custom development for customers building new capability and functionality or adapting existing systems for a customer’s specific use cases.

Sometimes called “funded development” or “non-recurring engineering”, we will engage with a customer to understand their needs, jointly develop a statement of work, milestones, schedules, and deliverables, and then negotiate a compensation method (e.g. firm fixed price, time & material, etc.).

One example includes "private labeling.”

For inquiries, please email .

License technology

We have developed technology that you may want to license from us to use as you see fit. Our best example is an offer to license our mobile control station technology which is software you can load on a variety of hardware options to use to control a wide range of autonomous, semi-autonomous, or highly automated vehicles (air, sea, and land). We can provide detailed descriptions of the functionality and offer them as a set of “a la carte” offerings or as pre-packaged sets that are optimized for various use cases. You can work with one of our product specialists to assess what functionality you need to license and licensing costs.

For details, please see Build your system.

Other technology offered as software licenses include “mission computers”, “autonomy engines” and training packages.

We also offer annual maintenance packages that have options to include engineering development hours to create custom functionality and other types of technical support.

For inquiries, please email .


Autonodyne provides a wide range of services related to autonomous vehicles and have some existing services contracts that you may be eligible to use. Typical types of services offered include:

  • Offering a “catalog” of UxS platforms for sale/resale.
  • Modifying or customizing those platforms to meet specific customer needs.
  • Integrating new payloads onto those vehicles.
  • Adding new/custom functionality to the system.
  • Training the customer on how to use the systems.
  • Training the customer on how to apply for various operations approvals and waivers from Government agencies.
  • Operating the platforms on your behalf.
  • We serve as subject matter experts/consultants.

One potential significant advantage for a potential customer may be to allow them to use an existing service contract we have with State and Federal agencies that completely eliminate the need to create a new Request-For-Proposal type effort and all the contracting overhead that accompanies this effort.

Instead, you might be eligible to just join an existing services contract at literally no cost to you and shop from the catalog of offerings, often times at a meaningful cost discount.

For inquiries, please email .

Purchase products

In addition to being resellers of industry leading equipment and services, Autonodyne has some internally developed products that are available for purchase. Examples of 3rd party equipment that can be purchased directly from Autonodyne include FAA-certified avionics from Avidyne Corporation. An example of an Autonodyne product is the RCU-1000 CBX (Common Operating Picture Ground Control Station). See our products pages for descriptions of some of those available products.

For inquiries, please email .