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Creating autonomy solutions

We are in an exciting time as innovators throughout the industrialized world move rapidly to develop the technologies that will move people and goods with autonomous vehicles through the air, land, and sea. Autonodyne focuses on the control of those autonomous vehicles and the tasks they need to perform to be fully autonomous. We want to be in the vanguard of those companies leading in the research and development of those technologies. With a business model that focuses primarily on software solutions that enable dissimilar autonomous vehicles to perform tasks either individually, or as a team, we are poised to take a leadership role in this emerging field. The combination of the right talent, working in an exciting and dynamic environment, allows us to achieve our goals while making it equally rewarding for those people that work at Autonodyne.

Advent of Autonodyne

The founders of Autonodyne have a long history in aviation and in software development. The company began in 2014 as a spinoff from Avidyne Corporation who has been building FAA-certified avionics for human-piloted aircraft for the last 25 years. Using the foundation of Avidyne technology in such areas as navigation systems, autopilots, on-board sensors, and systems management software, Autonodyne has optimized that technology for the highly automated, uncrewed, and autonomous vehicle world. Starting with air-based vehicles, the company has since expanded the technology suite to the land and sea domains.

Source:Autonodyne archive

Systems/flight testing engineer Matt. P prepares a quad-copter and land drone for autonomy testing in the technology lab at Autonodyne headquarters in Boston’s Seaport District.

Autonodyne was recognized as one of the “largest robotics companies” in the state by the Boston Business Journal in 2020 and 2021.

Our senior staff has decades of experience in the development of advanced software, fielding products, and operating vehicles for these kinds of products. The CEO is a 28-year veteran of flying fighter attack aircraft for the US Air Force, has several degrees in engineering, is a holder of several patents, and has run engineering organizations since the mid-90’s. Our Chairman has founded several very successful software-focused companies. Our Vice President of R&D is also a veteran air force pilot and served as a Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University level. Our Operations and Business Development teams are led by two Air Force veterans who have spent their entire careers in operating and commanding remotely piloted aircraft systems. Our Engineering teams are led by young engineers who are experts in their fields.

We are focused on bringing smart automation, autonomy, and artificial intelligence to bear to enhance capabilities we all think are important and to create new capabilities that were not previously possible. To us, this applies equally across the defense, public safety, and the private/civil markets.

Autonodyne in the news

Read about our most recent news headline below. For a complete archive of Autonodyne news, press releases, mutli-media, and photos, go to Autonodyne Newsroom.

Trade show presentation

Autonodyne in Paris as finalist in Hello Tomorrow “Global Challenge"

Autonodyne is one of six global finalist in the “Global Challege,” an annual invitation-only competion among startup companies engaged in advancing deep technologies. They will compete in the Aeronautics track of the competition in mid-March for a $10K prize. Winners from all of the competition’s 14 tracks will compete for the grand prize for $100K.


Autonodyne partners

Autonodyne collaborates with a variety of companies that provide hardware and software solutions for autonomous navigation. Those companies that have worked with Autonodyne or are currently partnering with us:

Experts in datalink installation and configurations and surrogate UAS flight operations.

We provide control station and autonomy software to Blue Force Technology air vehicle designs.

We provide control station and autonomy software to Chartis/Periscope air vehicles.

We provide control station and autonomy software to Conceptual Research Corporation air vehicle designs.

We have integrated our mobile control stations to control Drone America air vehicles.

We have integrated FLIR sensors and support their output on our mobile control stations.

We provide control station and autonomy software to Fregata air vehicle designs.

We are adding autonomous flight capabilities to Greensight’s drone hardware and sensors used for remote sensing and mapping.

We have tested our navigation software's ability to deliver packages using Harris’ heavy-duty uncrewed drones.

We have added support for the Inspired Flight air vehicles to our mobile control stations.

We provide control station and autonomy software to Kratos Unmanned Aerial Systems air vehicles.

Collaborate on Simplified Vehicle Operations, Optionally-Piloted Vehicles, and Advanced Aerial Mobility Projects.

Jointly converted a Cirrus SR-22 into an Optionally-Piloted Vehicle.

Tight integration with their Wave Relay MPU®-series of tactical datalinks.

We partner with Phoenix Flight Test as a preferred high-performance flight test services provider.

Robotic Skies are our preferred partners supplying UAS maintenance, repair, and overhaul services.

We are syncing our navigation software to land in and takeoff from Target Arm’s launch and recovery platform for sUAS.

We have integrated our mobile control stations to control Teal UVs.

We are collaborating with, and providing control station and autonomy software on a number of USAF programs.

We are collaborating with, and providing control station and autonomy software on a number of USN programs.

We are testing delivering mail-size packages into Valqari’s smart mailbox products.

Common control station and integration to their Blue UAS platform.

We use Venator data fusion engine services.

Autonodyne affilations

Autonodyne is a participating member in the following professional and industry organizations:


Drone Research Working Group

Kostas Research Institute

General Aviation Manufacturers Association

NBAA Emerging Technologies Subcommittee

American Society for Testing and Materials International

Massachusetts Department of Transportation

Ohio Federal Research Network